Factory Productivity & Scheduling Software

Website: www.empowersoftware.co.nz

Email: sean@manufacturingandengineering.co.nz

Contact: Sean O'Sullivan, +64 27 228 4211

Empower is labour productivity software. The Empower Workshop Productivity & Scheduling Software App meets all the specific needs of engineers and other manufacturing. The substantial majority of Empower's clients secure a 20% to 40%+ reduction in job times, resulting in a 20% to 40%+ reduction in labour cost on jobs.

Empower has been continuously developed from 250 engineering and manufacturing client requests over 19 years. One hundred percent of Empower's engineering and manufacturing clients manufacture one-off products or projects - where every job is different from the last.

Empower uses tablets or touch screens on the workshop floor for workshop staff to access their job lists and start and finish each job. It schedules and assigns tasks to workshop staff and has over 50 live production and productivity screens and over 150 live reports on key factory performance indicators including job cost, individual workshop staff productivity, work centre and factory productivity, job status, job profit, and workflow.

Empower's key screens are presented on 50 inch TV screens on office walls and workshop floor walls - for real-time production and productivity reporting continuously throughout the day.

Integrated with Accredo accounting software, Empower Software provides one, seamless software business solution. Empower supports over 250 engineering and manufacturing clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, US and the Philippines. Pricing is a low-cost subscription.

View the Empower website to see Empower's 32 engineering and manufacturing industry groups and Empower's 24 deliverables.

Contact Sean O'Sullivan, Founding Director Empower Software +64 27 228 4211 - for pricing, an information pack, trial software and a Zoom demonstration.