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Why Many Small Business Owners Struggle to Achieve Their Goals - and What to Do About It.


 Welcome! I'm Ian Crates

We help entrepreneurs throughout Australia to transform their business, so it generates a growing and reliable income, even when they’re on holiday. If your business is working well, it should provide you with the financial rewards you want and plenty of time to enjoy life.




Every Business is different and so is our approach!

We start with a business review to discuss your goals and to agree a road map for the way forward: a step-by-step plan to help you build the business you’ve always wanted.

Everyone is different, but here are some of the goals you might be seeking:

Increased profits

Better cashflow

A greater feeling of control

Free up more time

More relaxed, less stressed

Better time management skills

Increased sale value of the business

Fixing operational issues hampering your progress 


For the past 25 years, I’ve owned, operated, bought, and sold several businesses in both New Zealand and Australia, and I’ve used my skills and experience to help other business owners grow their businesses.


Client testimonials

"Ian from Terrafirma was excellent. He took the time to understand my business and gave me a 90-day tailored action plan to get the ball rolling on our business growth."

(Marc Bristrowe, Pedwar Ltd) 

 "Great company, my son Scaffolding company has received some terrific advice from them. Ian Crates is a really easy guy to talk to and gives sound, solid and pragmatic advice"

(Martin Evans, Stronghold Scaffolding)

"I highly recommend speaking with Ian. His insight and experience are valuable and he's great at helping you realise the solutions you need for the challenges you face as well as holding you to account in driving your business forward." 

(David Darkin, Darkin Architects)

I offer two distinct approaches: consulting and coaching. At our initial goal setting consultation, we can discuss which would suit you best."


Goal setting

This is the starting point. We discuss your vision for the business, and what you want out of it. Then we agree a roadmap: a plan that might take us down the consulting route or the coaching route.

Sometimes both options are relevant. You may want me to fix an urgent issue before mentoring you to improve your skills..... Find out more?


Business Consulting

If you’d like me to come in and fix an issue in your business, while you carry on working in your current role, my consulting service would be more relevant.... Find out more?


Business Coaching

If you’d prefer to improve your business management skills so you can fix the issues yourself, I can be your mentor and guide... Find out more?


Life Coaching

Learn how to find the balance you need to live a purposeful and enjoyable life.... Find out more?

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