Accredo simplifies business on the move with web services module and mobile invoicing app

Posted By Ian Crates  
00:00 AM

Accredo has released a web services module that makes it easier for customers to have mobile apps or browser-based interfaces developed that talk to Accredo remotely. It has also released a mobile invoicing app that gives customers the ability to enter data in real time wherever the need dictates.

Available for purchase now, Accredo Sales Manager, Kevin Carberry, says the new web services module makes it even easier for mobile applications to exchange information with Accredo while ensuring all its fundamental rules are abided by when transaction data is entered.

“The module is built on best-of-breed web standards and is open to compatible third-party integration technologies. In technical speak, it follows a modern RESTful model using JSON payloads, which means it is easy for browser-based solutions and mobile apps to talk to,” says Carberry.

“Customers can now develop mobile apps unique to the way they operate with much less difficulty. It opens up the potential for more mobile integration to the Accredo system.”

The focus of Accredo’s mobile application development is on business and operational enablement. To that end, its first mobile release is an invoicing app that empowers customers to enter transactions while they are on the move.

Carberry says the ability to raise invoices anytime, anywhere, rather than taking information back to the office to be rekeyed, has tremendous advantages for many Accredo customers.

“Implementing a mobile invoicing capability will be attractive for those businesses whose staff spend much of their working day out of the office. When a distributor visits a retailer to restock items, for example, he or she can create an itemised invoice and email it to the retailer on the spot. Time saved, and job done.”

The invoicing app is a streamlined version of Accredo’s full-function desktop invoicing module. It allows customers to raise invoices, quotes, duplicate invoices and credits, and has a familiar mobile user experience.

“The app meets Android and iOS standards for mobile functionality. It has a simple, intuitive design and meets the basic invoicing needs for a business.”

Carberry says Accredo customers wanting to adopt mobile technology should be aware there are upfront investment costs.

“They will need to purchase our web services module and the appropriate number of user licences before using our mobile invoicing application. There will also be other associated infrastructure costs, such as investing in appropriate internet security, that customers need to examine carefully.”

Accredo’s mobile invoicing application is available to download for free at Google Play or the Apple App Store. To operate the web services module customers must be running Accredo’s latest desktop software, Version 5.