Accredo Build

Posted By Tish Brindle  
00:00 AM

Build of Version 5 has gone up on the ftp site and the web site:

A pdf of the build release notes is attached.

Complete install images including converters, server, client and web service installs are available from:


A reminder - if your site has the Accredo Web Service you need to update both the Accredo Server and the Web Service - there are separate Setup files.


For those working with the Web Service we have added Accredo API Technical Documentation to the Web Help , and linked it in the help file.

Notification of the new build will go out to users on update subscriptions on Monday.

Any questions or issues please email or call the support team.

Just a reminder that as we are working on the next build of Accredo, once fixes and new features have passed testing and merged into the release code line, and the release exe has passed through our regression testing, the executables are flagged as BETA and copied (and 7-zipped) to the ftp server: