Benefits For All


Business friendly accounting software that meets the needs of all people involved in your business.


Business Owners & General Managers

With Accredo accounting software you have a single source of truth and can make decisions based on accurate figures. No matter where you are reporting from within the Accredo financial system, you can trust the numbers to add up.

As an owner or manager you need to know what’s going on in your business in a quick and timely fashion – without having to wade through detailed reports. With Accredo reporting you can manage by exception, filtering out unnecessary information to see how your business is performing at a glance. If you spot an anomaly you can drill down and analyse the finer detail.

The ability to capture and reuse staff knowledge improves accuracy and allows you to delegate better. Accredo business processes capture expertise built up by your staff and ensure no matter who carries out a task that it is completed correctly.

Preventing mistakes from happening is much better than remedying them after they occur. Sophisticated access controls and permissions in the Accredo financial software let you enforce policies about who can do what in the system and help you detect mistakes before they happen.

Decide what you need and let the system do the work. Accredo accounting software saves you time by automating and then executing repetitive daily tasks, giving you more time to focus on business improvement projects.

The Accredo team is highly experienced in converting data from other systems, so, depending on the export capabilities of your old system, you might find the step up to Accredo business management software a lot less complicated than you anticipated.

A single Accredo system allows you to have multiple entities, each with its own database and complete set of books – a great saving if your business operates as a number of different organisations.
Systems & Operations Managers

Accredo can be configured to suit your unique business processes, so you can operate in a way that best meets your customers’ demands and better deal with third party suppliers.

Streamline your production processes and despatch logistics using Accredo’s advanced automation features. With Accredo business software you can script business rules that automate and enforce processes to avoid the repetitive and time-consuming rekeying of data.

Accredo business management software allows you to measure and track job progress, automatically fulfil backorders, print packing slips and generate invoices from orders, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of human error.

Accredo’s job tracking and inventory control features help identify which jobs produce the best margins and streamline stock taking processes to improve profit and leverage your workforce into higher value tasks.
Purchasing Managers

With Accredo you can work out what it really costs to get your goods into the warehouse and in doing so improve the accuracy of your expense reporting.

Accredo does costing work for you and, unlike spreadsheets, the system stays up to date and reduces the time you spend manipulating figures.

With Accredo’s Foreign Currency module you can set and forget exchange rates and let the system manage variations between currencies.

The Accredo business management system copes with your suppliers’ ways of doing business and associated paperwork. For example, it flexes to accommodate multiple purchase orders from one shipment, and multiple shipments from one purchase order.

Accredo’s Order Entry module allows you to automatically fulfil backorders, print packing slips and generate invoices from orders, saving time in data re-entry and reducing the risk of human error.

Sales & Account Managers

Accredo’s sales analysis tools help you maintain healthy revenue by providing full visibility into customer buying habits at your fingertips. Accredo software lets you easily access customer order history and assess which jobs or products provide you with the best margins.

Accredo can focus your attention on the best performing product lines and lets you achieve simple add-on sales by suggesting like-for-like products to customers.

Communicating with your most valuable customers is easy with Accredo’s bulk HTML emailing capabilities. Create lists to select customers and contacts and keep them in touch with new product launches.

As sales manager you need to know how your sales team is performing week to week. Using Accredo’s sales software you can check where you are against budget and spot emerging buying trends to better focus sales efforts.

Warehouse Managers

Accredo’s Inventory Control module streamlines stocktaking processes. Use it to keep an accurate check on what and how much stock is at hand; know exactly where your stock is at various locations; and gain improved visibility of stock in transit.

Accredo supports a range of barcoding functionality and allows you to improve selection and packing processes by organising pick lists based on where stock is located in the warehouse.

You can print bar code labels, shelf labels and courier labels directly from your Accredo system. Streamline your dispatch documentation by capturing the essential packing and freight forwarding information and generate it in a format to suit.

Improve customer satisfaction with up to date information about deliveries by integrating dispatch information with your freight forwarding supplier.

Office Managers

Accredo’s allocations functionality simplifies day-to-day credit control tasks by highlighting which debtors need payment reminders and by quickly identifying how much is owing on particular invoices.

Sophisticated PDF and email functionality speeds up repetitive tasks and improves efficiency. Accredo makes it easy to send statements, invoices and other documents directly to customers as soon as you have created them.

Accredo’s alarms and memos help the whole administration team get it right every time by providing timely reminders for follow-up actions and allowing source material to be added to documents and transactions, so information can be retained and referred back to at a later date.

Accredo’s open periods mean invoicing and other processing doesn’t come to a halt just because your accounts haven’t been rolled over. You can set restrictions to ensure data is still entered into the correct period – for example, you may wish to restrict some users to just the current and one future period for data entry.

Accredo’s open periods mean staff can keep working in the relevant period while you finalise the accounts for the previous one(s). Strict user controls ensure data is still entered into the correct period to protect the integrity of financial information.

Accredo’s Fixed Assets module makes it easy for you to maintain assets throughout the year and avoid an overload of work at year end. Depreciation is calculated across the year so month end reporting is more accurate.

Strong reporting is a feature of the Accredo system. Improve the accuracy of provisional reporting by easily consolidating data from your various branch operations. Advanced filtering provides detailed or summarised reports according to your needs.

With Accredo you can reduce manual work and time spent manipulating figures in Excel because the software produces reports just the way you want them directly from the software.

Working out realised and unrealised gains and losses are time intensive tasks, but with Accredo’s Foreign Currency module these are calculated automatically – with a full audit trail available for future examination if necessary.

Accredo lets you drill down to data in the source module from the General Ledger, so you can quickly and easily view details of source transactions and documents in order to identify anomalies and resolve discrepancies.